Asset Filters Are Not Reliable

Asset Filters Are Not Reliable

We've been working on our API integration before doing a full migration from Azure to MK.IO. We're able to set asset filters now, but we're encountering strange and unpredictable results. I have opened up a support ticket as well but in the past it's been up to a week for a response, so I'm trying the community forum as well.

We use a tick/second setting of 1 for all of our filters (except when experimenting to try and figure out our issue).

We are seeing all sorts of unexpected results with the filters. In some cases, a filter of, say, 60 ticks start and 120 end, resulting in a 1-minute playback starting at minute one of the original file, only plays back 10 seconds, starting from the beginning of the file.

Other assets play with the wrong start point, but the overall duration from start to end is close to accurate.

Other times the MK Player simply won't load the media when the filter is applied to the URL. (I've checked many times, it's not due to typos.) I'm using the player that's built in to the portal, accessible from the bottom of the left-side navigation bar.

Furthermore, trying to make heads and tales of the calculations is difficult because if I edit a filter start time, the MK Player has cached the original filter so I have to either create a new filter with a different name, or go through an incognito window, sign in, etc... each time I want to see the results of the revised filter. But I don't think this is just a calculation issue, I'm definitely not adding more ticks to the end point than, say, the source file would allow. It's just not working reliably.

We have 10's of thousands of assets to migrate and they almost all have filters on them. We need to be assured that the filter calculations are accurate.

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