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    • How to use MK.IO APIs - step by step

      This article will describe the step by step on how to use MK.IO APIs documented here: As you already know, you can use APIs to automate the process of different tasks, in MK.IO world they can be used to ...
    • Add Users to Existing Subscription

      As an admin of MK.IO application you may want to add additional users to your subscription. To do this have the user must first log into MK.IO first. The user would see this screen, as expected as they have not been added to the subscription yet: ...
    • How to use DRM to playback MK.IO assets encrypted

      Intro Currently, MK.IO solution supports only MediaKind's DRM solution as the unique provider of DRM encryption keys. External 3PP Key Management System solutions will be considered. In MK.IO there are the following groups of encryptions: 1. ...
    • How to migrate from Azure Media Services to MK.IO

    • How to migrate all your content from AMS into MK.IO using MK.IO bulk migration tool

      In this article we will describe in detail the process to migrate all your assets, asset filters, streaming locators, content key policies, streaming endpoints from AMS into MK.IO. The idea is that if today you have a playback URL in the following ...

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