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      • A Space to Request Feature and Share Ideas!

        Not finding the feature in the documentation? Click to view product documentation. Or on our roadmap? Click to view the roadmap. Then let us know! Create a new topic or upvote an existing request. Help define the future of MK.IO! Select the button on
      • Your MK.IO Experience Just Got an Upgrade!

        We are delighted to inform you that MK.IO, your video streaming platform, now offers support for Asset Filters. These filters empower you to dynamically modify the output in your HLS and DASH manifests. Currently, you have the flexibility to filter tracks
      • Your MK.IO Experience Just Got Better: Check It Out!

        We're delighted to introduce a range of exciting new features that have recently been added to MK.IO, MediaKind’s latest encoding and streaming platform. Content Key Policies for Enhanced Control With Content Key Policies, you now have robust control
      • (Beta) Content Key Policies Enabled in MK.IO

        MK.IO now supports the following protection schemes: AES-128, ClearKey, and industry grade multi-DRM options like Widevine, FairPlay, and PlayReady. Access control can be managed by authorizing users based on claims in JWT tokens.
      • (BETA) Video On Demand (VOD) Processing is now Available in MK.IO!

        You are now able to test VoD processing! Head on over to to give it a try!
      • Recent Topics

      • All encoding jobs have started failing with - Encoding seems stucked -> abort

        Hi, As of this morning all my encoding jobs are failing with the error "Encoding seems stucked -> abort" I have contacted support and phoned the support line but not received a reply. This is a huge problem for our production system. Has any one else
      • Thumbnail and Video Transforms

        We currently create both a thumbnail asset and a video asset per transform as part of each of our AMS jobs. Will this be supported with the MK/IO sdk ?
      • How to upload an asset?

        Currently, I can only see Migrate Assets option. How can I upload a new asset? What API document for that such as get presigned URL to upload in JavaScript?
      • How to Caption and Transcript Generation

        If the Asset conversion feature is available, how do you create captions and transcripts? Where are the transcripts saved? How do you consume the transcripts/subtitles in the MKPlayer?
      • Caption and Transcript Generation + Supported Transcript Languages

        A crucial aspect of our media content is the capability for caption and transcript generation. Can you confirm whether the new service includes these features? If so, could you provide information on available options and the accuracy levels we can expect?
      • Support for WebM

        We have a use case where we support users in chrome recording and uploading video. Chrome only offers webm support. We were hoping to use the video encoding solution to standardize all the uploads into MP4. Ask is for MK/IO to support WebM container with
      • VOD Encoding filenames

        Currently when running a VOD encoding against a storage account asset and file, the output in the new asset is always "manifest.ism". Is there an option to specify the output filename or for the job just to use the existing filename up to the extension
      • Functionality of "endTime" Parameter in Streaming Locators

        We have recently migrated from AMS (Azure Media Service) to MKIO. We noticed that the Streaming Locators in MKIO include an "endTime" parameter. However, we have noticed that this parameter is currently non-functional from MKIO support. Even after surpassing
      • Link to API User ID and Token page

        Hello, The user ID and token page for using the API must be entered in the URL field of the browser each time. Can you please make check the UserID and Token for API available on the dashboard or add a link to
      • Token Expiration/Cancelation

        It would be more convenient to be able to define token expiration because a token would be used in an app, and we would like to replace it only when it is compromised, which we would like to cancel that token as well.
      • "Delete Asset" API call does not delete container

        Hello, I am trying the API for Asset deletion. The reference includes the following statement: When you delete an asset, the underlying storage container will be deleted
      • Video transform from 4k down to 720p

        Hello, As the title says, how can I make a multiple bitrate video from 4k down to 720p. I am a bit confused of not being able to set a custom transform as it is possible on AMS. We have a need to have a consistent high quality of streaming (4k and 2k)
      • Event or hook on job complete

        In Azure Media Service, we have an integration to Azure EventGrid that allows us to update DB records as soon as transform job is complete and video is encoded (it fires event "Microsoft.Media.JobOutputFinished") to make items appearing in searches et
      • AES ClearToken using ContentKeyIdentifier

        Hello, I am migrating a system from AMS to MK.IO that uses AES ClearToken together with the claim for ContentKeyIdentifier. I understand that there's a difference between AMS and MK.IO when it refers to the matching key: AMS requires the ContentKeyId
      • Create Job API supports 'start' and 'end' subparameters and 'JobInputSequence' type.

        I want to editing videos on MK/IO such as following case (triming, combining videos). So, regarding the Create Job API,
      • godaddy mapping for cdn streaming endpoint is not working

        Hello, We have enable the cdn streaming endpoint and did godaddy mapping of CNAME record for the streaming endpoint. We are trying to access the media kind video using the mapped domain. But we are getting the following 'ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID'.
      • Enabling custom domain feature for CDN enabled streaming endpoint.

        Hello, In our project, previously we used Azure Media Service where CDN is enabled with custom domain. Since AMS is retiring, we moved to Media Kind. But in Media Kind, when CDN is enabled, creating custom domain for the cdn streaming endpoint is not
      • MediaKind Live Event Quota Limit

        We are trying to start multiple Live Events but as soon as we try to start the 3rd one, we receive the following error "Object { code: "1000.2000.2500.1100", detail: "Quota exceeded: concurrent live event count 2", quotaLimit: "2", … }". Would you be
      • Streaming Locators for files in asset blob container

        When Prefefined_DownloadAndClearStreaming policy or Prefefined_DownloadOnly policy is used the streaming locators for files other than hls and dash be available similar to how current AMS allows.
      • is MediaKind HIPPA Compliant ?

        is MediaKind HIPPA Compliant ?
      • Ability to NOT Upscale source video multiple levels - match, downscale, or upscale to nearest matching resolution in preset

        On our platform we get a variety of source video submissions - 1080p, 720p, 480p, sometimes even 360p and obviously resolutions in between. Currently when we submit a job to Mediakind via a preset (H264MultipleBitrateSport1080p (Foundations)) - if the
      • Transform Jobs Failing from Invalid Data

        When trying to create an MP4 file from a livestreamed event that is no available for on demand playback, I keep getting an error. When I select the asset that I want to transform, gc_state is my only option. But then the job fails and i get this error:
      • WebM Support

        We are migrating from Azure Media Service that does not have this problem. We have a use case where we support users in chrome recording and uploading video. Chrome only offers webm support. We were hoping to use the video encoding solution to standardize
      • How to use FairPlayStreaming

        Hi, I obtained a FairPlayStreaming (FPS) certificate for not being able to streaming in Safari using a clear key. A content key policy with FPS settings has been created. I am trying to create a Streaming Locator. I selected Predefined_MultiDrmStreaming
      • I want to display subtitles on MKPlayer.

        I would like to display subtitles on MKPlayer. I think use addSubtitle method for that, but the manual says I need to pass subtitleTrack:MKSubtitleTrack as an argument.
      • For setting up a clear key using JWT tokens

        Hello, Content playback using the ClearStreamingOnly policy was successful. But, creating a content key policy with a clear key and then playing back the content results in an error. The version of MKPlayer I am using is v1.6.0. The source displayed in
      • initial quota limits

        Hello. The FAQ mentions the existence of quotas. I'm looking for detailed information about initial quotas. Which site can I check it?
      • "Failed to report meter accrual"

        Hello, I have a failed processing job with the error message "Failed to report meter accrual". What does that mean and how can it be fixed?
      • MKPlayer license doesn't work in live environment

        Hi, we have a license key which works in our dev environment but we couldn't make it work after deploying to live. Could anyone please assist us in this?
      • Implementation of MKPlayer in .NET CORE Web Application?

        Hello, Does anyone have an example that you can refer or share on how to implement MKPlayer in a .NET Core Web Application and play videos with it? Any help on this topic is appreciated. Thank you
      • hls video with aes clear key encryption not working on mkPlayer

        Hi , We are using hls format video file with aes encyption (token restriction enabled). while trying to play this url in mkplayer, we are getting the below error License request failed (DRM_FAILED_LICENSE_REQUEST) We also tried reactJs sample code for
      • MKPlayer Not Displaying UI by Default. DO THIS!

        For reasons that confound me, the MKPlayer default operation is to DISABLE the user interface. It is not very well documented on how to enable it. Hopefully this will save people a lot of time. It took us a day and a half to stumble upon the solution.
      • Unable to invite users

        I have been trying to invite my developers to my MK subscription so they can migrate over my Azure Media Services content. I keep getting a "user not found error". No matter who I try to invite. Support has not been able to help at all and we are totally
      • Asset Filters Are Not Reliable

        We've been working on our API integration before doing a full migration from Azure to MK.IO. We're able to set asset filters now, but we're encountering strange and unpredictable results. I have opened up a support ticket as well but in the past it's
      • How do I get my MKPlayer licence to work in a live (not localhost) environment?

        I have 2 MediaKind subscriptions. Both of them were verified within a reasonable timeframe. I've since played around with it a bit, liked it, and laid out a migration plan to get us off Azure Media Services and onto MediaKind. The first step of this plan
      • MKPlayer library doesnot work in Angular

        I am trying to integrate the MKPlayer using the library @mediakind/mkplayer in my ANgular app. But the build fails with these errors : Error: node_modules/@mediakind/mkplayer/types/interfaces/index.d.ts:16:10 - error TS2305: Module '"./MKCdn"' has no
      • H264MultipleBitrate720p transformation job results in Error - Unknown termination

        FFProbe says the following about our video: Metadata: major_brand : mp42 minor_version : 0 compatible_brands: isommp42 creation_time : 2024-02-07T19:14:53.000000Z 13 60.000000 Duration: 00:00:11.86, start:
      • MKPlayer integration in Angular

        Can you share me sample code of the MKPlayer integrated in Angular
      • Why new asset from AMS does not automatically migrate into MK.IO?

        I've already migrated successfully existing assets from AMS to MK/IO But new created input assets in AMS does not automatically to MK/IO. What am I missing? Thanks.
      • Download mp4 videos and audios through streaming endpoints after migrating them from AMS

        Will I be able to download mp4 videos and audios after migrating them to your platform? In AMS I don't use the HLS or DASH protocols to stream content, I only select an specific mp4 file and download it to playback. Will I be able to do the same with
      • Popular Articles

      • How to use MK.IO APIs - step by step

        This article will describe the step by step on how to use MK.IO APIs documented here: As you already know, you can use APIs to automate the process of different tasks, in MK.IO world they can be used to ...
      • Add Users to Existing Subscription

        As an admin of MK.IO application you may want to add additional users to your subscription. To do this have the user must first log into MK.IO first. The user would see this screen, as expected as they have not been added to the subscription yet: ...
      • How to use DRM to playback MK.IO assets encrypted

        Intro Currently, MK.IO solution supports only MediaKind's DRM solution as the unique provider of DRM encryption keys. External 3PP Key Management System solutions will be considered. In MK.IO there are the following groups of encryptions: 1. ...
      • How to migrate from Azure Media Services to MK.IO

      • How to migrate all your content from AMS into MK.IO using MK.IO bulk migration tool

        In this article we will describe in detail the process to migrate all your assets, asset filters, streaming locators, content key policies, streaming endpoints from AMS into MK.IO. The idea is that if today you have a playback URL in the following ...