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      • A Space to Request Feature and Share Ideas!

        Not finding the feature in the documentation? Click to view product documentation. Or on our roadmap? Click to view the roadmap. Then let us know! Create a new topic or upvote an existing request. Help define the future of MK.IO! Select the button on
      • Your MK.IO Experience Just Got an Upgrade!

        We are delighted to inform you that MK.IO, your video streaming platform, now offers support for Asset Filters. These filters empower you to dynamically modify the output in your HLS and DASH manifests. Currently, you have the flexibility to filter tracks
      • Your MK.IO Experience Just Got Better: Check It Out!

        We're delighted to introduce a range of exciting new features that have recently been added to MK.IO, MediaKind’s latest encoding and streaming platform. Content Key Policies for Enhanced Control With Content Key Policies, you now have robust control
      • (Beta) Content Key Policies Enabled in MK.IO

        MK.IO now supports the following protection schemes: AES-128, ClearKey, and industry grade multi-DRM options like Widevine, FairPlay, and PlayReady. Access control can be managed by authorizing users based on claims in JWT tokens.
      • (BETA) Video On Demand (VOD) Processing is now Available in MK.IO!

        You are now able to test VoD processing! Head on over to to give it a try!
      • Recent Topics

      • AMS _Metadata.json file support

        Hello, a significant part of my application parses out the input file's metadata from AMS's generated ${assetName}_metadata.json file that gets created in an output asset container. So I'd get a ladder of MP4 files and a manifest.json file. I see that
      • Issue while creating Streaming Locator

        I am facing issue while creating streaming locator using migration tool. My Streaming locator json looks like : "StreamingLocators": [ { "properties": { "assetName": "000160d0-6e5e-4dfe-a662-8a13c", "contentKeys": [ { "id": "0944ef20-8825-42f1-9a7a-7a98cf9f47ef",
      • MKPlayer Not Displaying UI by Default. DO THIS!

        For reasons that confound me, the MKPlayer default operation is to DISABLE the user interface. It is not very well documented on how to enable it. Hopefully this will save people a lot of time. It took us a day and a half to stumble upon the solution.
      • Inquiry Regarding Video Processing Using MK/IO (Layer Height and Width)

        Hello, I have been utilizing MK/IO for some time now and recently created an H264MultipleBitrate720p transform and job for a video. However, upon processing the job, I noticed that the Screen Width and Height of the output video do not match those of
      • Thumbnail and Video Transforms

        We currently create both a thumbnail asset and a video asset per transform as part of each of our AMS jobs. Will this be supported with the MK/IO sdk ?
      • Dynamic Packaging Considerations

        I need to better understand the MKIO dynamic packaging capabilities. When I encode and get locator paths it returns one HLS and DASH locator path: DASH /manifest.ism/manifest(format=mpd-time-cmaf) HLS /manifest.ism/manifest(format=m3u8-cmaf) My first
      • Anyway to migrate a subset of assets from AMS to MKIO using the migration tool ?

        I have thousands of assets out of which I would like to migrate 400 of them. How can I handle it ?
      • Do I need to manually "APPLY" for the Playback URLs to be generated

        Once after migrating the asset and streaming locator, do I need to manually "APPLY" for each asset ? Or is there a setting on migration tool to automatically handle it ?
      • MP4 output from transform job

        Hi there, Using Azure Media Services, we were able to output a single MP4 containing both video and audio. With the retirement of Azure Media Services, we are looking to migrate to MK.IO. However, I've not seen anything in the MK.IO documentation that
      • Mass Migration from AMS Utterly Failed.

        Quick report on our (failed) attempt after 3 sleepless nights trying to migrate >3,000 videos. The queue only holds 1,000 jobs at any time, and only processes two at most at any given time. And if anything goes wrong and you have to "retry", you're losing
      • Automating Streaming Locator Creation with Migration Tool

        We are beginning migration soon from AMS to MK.IO. The asset migration tool looks like it will migrate the assets, but the creation of streaming locators seems a little vague. The document here (
      • Is there any limitations of number of jobs for a single encoding transform ?

        Hello MK/IO Community, I hope this message finds you well. I have a query regarding the limitations on the number of jobs per single encoding transform within Microsoft Media Services (MK/IO). In the past, while using Azure Media Services (AMS), there
      • Invalid Label Value when creating new Asset

        I am attempting to create a new asset with additional metadata that I'm adding to it using labels. I am running into a validation error when creating the asset. The error is: Bad Request: Validation failed. Field labels '{**all of my labels**}' is invalid.
      • Jobs stuck at 0% Processing indefinitely

        As the title says, it looks like any encoding job we try to create for the past few days is just stuck at 0% Processing forever. Anyone else experiencing this? We are using a transform with the H264MultipleBitrate1080p built-in preset.
      • Event Grid Web Hooks like Azure Media Services

        Hello all, An idea I have for MK.IO is to expose an API to create and run web hooks after jobs have been completed or errored. We are one of the few "Azure Media Services (AMS) refugees", and our work flow heavily depends on AMS's web hooks following
      • ContentAwareEncoding for H.265 Encoder

        Hello All, I was wondering if it is possible to have an Azure Media Services-like Content Aware Encoding solution for H.265? MK.IO has a similar solution using H.264: However, we have a use-case
      • Support API Keys instead User Token

        I think most apps that migrate from Azure Media Service already has a login in their App. I think it would be better if API Keys is used instead of User Tokens. Unless there is a way to delegate the creation of the user token or at at least allow client
      • Support for Predefined_DownloadAndClearStreaming and download url?

        AMS allows us to create a download url of our asset with a streaming locator of type Predefined_DownloadAndClearStreaming. When I create a streaming locator for an asset in MK/IO, I don't see this streaming policy listed in the dropdown. Will this be
      • Caption and Transcript Generation + Supported Transcript Languages

        A crucial aspect of our media content is the capability for caption and transcript generation. Can you confirm whether the new service includes these features? If so, could you provide information on available options and the accuracy levels we can expect?
      • Download mp4 videos and audios through streaming endpoints after migrating them from AMS

        Will I be able to download mp4 videos and audios after migrating them to your platform? In AMS I don't use the HLS or DASH protocols to stream content, I only select an specific mp4 file and download it to playback. Will I be able to do the same with
      • How to get content key policy based on locator id in MK API

        Hello, we have an application that requires obtaining the content key policy based on the locator ID for the DRM JWT token. Essentially, the logic is as follows: Streaming Locator ID -> Content Key Policies -> Primary Verification Keys -> JWT Token. The
      • Streaming urls stop working after some time?

        We are testing migrating our media files from AMS to MediaKind. Looks like the HLS and DASH URLs stop working after some time. Are we doing something wrong? Do we need to use MKPlayer? We are not using it right now and we have mobile applications where
      • How to upload an asset?

        Currently, I can only see Migrate Assets option. How can I upload a new asset? What API document for that such as get presigned URL to upload in JavaScript?
      • Job Progress Events

        My company relies on the AMS EventGrid events for job progress and status. How will this work with MK/IO ?
      • Support for WebM

        We have a use case where we support users in chrome recording and uploading video. Chrome only offers webm support. We were hoping to use the video encoding solution to standardize all the uploads into MP4. Ask is for MK/IO to support WebM container with
      • How to log in and get a token by API

        we can get a token at this link : Please example (code we use TypeScript) of login to Mediakind before getting a token. Is there another way to generate/obtain/manage tokens? Best Regards, Nook
      • Unexpected Termination

        Hello, I am trying to Create a Job for processing an asset and I'm getting "processing" stuck on 0% followed by an "unexpected termination" error. It works for other files, but not on this particular one, but I can't see what's different about it. Anyone
      • VOD Encoding filenames

        Currently when running a VOD encoding against a storage account asset and file, the output in the new asset is always "manifest.ism". Is there an option to specify the output filename or for the job just to use the existing filename up to the extension
      • How to get and manage the API token.

        Hi, I was able to get the API token manually by referring to the following URL However, this is a per-user token, which would be complicated to manage. Is there another
      • Link to API User ID and Token page

        Hello, The user ID and token page for using the API must be entered in the URL field of the browser each time. Can you please make check the UserID and Token for API available on the dashboard or add a link to
      • How to encode a video and strip the audio using MK/IO api?

        I need to strip the audio and generate the output as a muted video only. Any help would be appreciated.
      • Recommendations on Mirroring content to different region?

        I want to mirror assets, locators, and content keys from one primary azure region to another secondary azure region? I would expect to have a separate azure storage and instance in each region What are best approaches to this utilizing
      • When Predefined_DownloadAndClearStreaming and Predefined_DownloadOnly will be ready?

        Hi We require the Predefined_DownloadAndClearStreaming and Predefined_DownloadOnly streaming policies to facilitate the migration of our assets (including thumbnails and .vtt files) from Azure to MK. I’m curious about the availability timeline for these
      • Volume track/slider for MKPlayer

        Please add ability to show/hide the volume slider for MKPlayer, so end user can control the volume level. Now only mute/unmute button is available.
      • WebM Support

        We are migrating from Azure Media Service that does not have this problem. We have a use case where we support users in chrome recording and uploading video. Chrome only offers webm support. We were hoping to use the video encoding solution to standardize
      • Streaming Locators for files in asset blob container

        When Prefefined_DownloadAndClearStreaming policy or Prefefined_DownloadOnly policy is used the streaming locators for files other than hls and dash be available similar to how current AMS allows.
      • Encoding: AdaptiveStreaming

        I do not see any AdaptiveStreaming as an encoder preset like I do in Azure Media Services. Will this be available?
      • Locators Failing to Get

        A small portion of the streaming locators we have created have gotten into a strange state. When we call a GET for those locators we get a 500 internal error. But if we try to create the locator again it returns that the locator is already created. I

        I am able to get the video playing on Chrome Browser (on PC) but when accessed on iPhone, I get the following error message. See screenshot below.  Any suggestions?
      • Create Job API supports 'start' and 'end' subparameters and 'JobInputSequence' type.

        I want to editing videos on MK/IO such as following case (triming, combining videos). So, regarding the Create Job API,